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Our private dental office "Venus" has been existing for 12 year so far, with the same location.

It was founded by doctor Rusa Velinova under the same name. Since 2006th the management of the office has been taken by doctor Venera Banovik and renamed as "Venus".

Having an intense drive to offer the most of dedication, the stuff of Venus Dental Office have adopted the philosophy of continuous education. Advanced Endodontic techniques using the Protaper system, Start-X, and Path File instrumentation are only part of the various seminars, workshops and courses we have visited so far.

We provide a painless and comfortable atmosphere with advances in many fields including esthetic dentistry which are part of what we call the care you deserve.

You will feel pleasant to meet us and all satisfaction from giving your trust to us, would be just one more reason for your bright, proud smile.

Anxiety free, safe, predictable and esthetic dental care is our goal, and it is without doubt that Venus Dental Office is excited to offer you only the best dentistry.



  • Dentist

    D-r. Venera BanovikDentist

D-r. Venera Banovik


Graduated 29.5.2001 at Dentist Faculty at state University "St. Kiril & Metodij".

+389 (0)70 35 04 03
+389 (0)2 30 75 261

  • Dentist

    D-r. Sandra Stakinova-KrstevaDentist

D-r. Sandra Stakinova-Krsteva


Graduated 2.10.2001 at Dentist Faculty at state University "St. Kiril & Metodij".

+389 (0)71 38 80 10
+389 (0)2 30 75 261

  • Dentist

    D-r. Elena Aleksova-NoveskaDentist

D-r. Elena Aleksova-Noveska


Graduated 04.09.2009 at Dentist Faculty at state University "St. Kiril & Metodij".

+389 (0)78 24 46 98
+389 (0)2 30 75 261

  • Dentist

    D-r. Vasilka ChortanoskaDentist

D-r. Vasilka Chortanoska


Graduated 07.10.2008 at Dentist Faculty at state University "St. Kiril & Metodij".

+389 (0)78 22 54 72
+389 (0)2 30 75 261

  • Dentist's Assistant

    Irena Filipovski

Irena Filipovski

Dentist's Assistant
  • Dentist's Assistant

    Stefka Cvetkova

Stefka Cvetkova

Dentist's Assistant
  • Dentist's Assistant

    Slagjana Dimovska

Slagjana Dimovska

Dentist's Assistant


Pediatric dentistry

Our facilities are designed to meet the very special needs of children within a proper education for maintaining oral care;

The doctors are specially trained to be sensitive to the developmental age and to be responsible for early diagnosis of dental cavities;

We fully arrange preventive dentistry such as topical fluoride treatment and sealants as a safe and effective way of protecting your child’s back teeth of decay. The highly fluid synthetic compound will form a barrier that doesn’t allow food or bacteria to penetrate into the grooves and pits of those molars, protecting against cavities;

With the proud use of the latest techniques and fillings we treat cavities of deciduous and early permanent teeth. For keeping your children’s health we also repair cracked or broken teeth;


Our dentists take gum disease very seriously. All as a part of the care for you to keep your teeth as long as possible;

This is often accomplished through scaling and crown planning by removing calculus and plaque ( the hard and soft deposits) from all surfaces of the teeth;

For a joyful and bright smile we provide sanding down and removing colored mists from teeth with an abrasive paste. And when we add the polishing, cleaning procedure you are free to smile with a whiter teeth.

Careful cleaning of the root surface to remove plaque and calculus from deep periodontal pockets and to smooth the tooth root from bacterial toxins;

This is often followed by adjunctive therapy such as local delivery of antimicrobials and host modulation only for healthy periodontal complex;

Smile free from now on with bleaching technique held by the doctor and resulting with attractive and natural-looking smile;

Bleaching in home conditions by the patients side, through use of silicone occlusal mold kit and bleaching gel, in collaboration with the doctor as well;

Do the whitening at home with method named Combitray and accustomed mold kit;Correction of unfavorable gaps, tilted teeth and discolored non-vital teeth (caused by old root canal treatments) by the method "Walking bleach" . Find out now!

Conservative dentistry & Endodontics

Restoration of teeth broken down by dental caries, with the latest filling materials: nanocomposites as a final stage in perfection, composites and glass ionomer cements;

Using the bending characteristics of brand-new parapulpal pins we are saving the strength of your vital teeth;

If a tooth has been destroyed so there is nothing left of it’s crown, we provide a tooth core build up technique with a FRC logan pins. The important thing with these up-to date pins is their fastening in the root canal of the tooth and their promise of resistance to fracture;

Effective root canal treatment that maintains the optimal shape, retention and teeth sequence in both jaws. All this is possible with the exceptional work of the doctors and new developed instruments such as Ni-Ti files for curved canals

Furthermore for not allowing access of bacteria or destroying the already existing ones we thoroughly clean with rinsing canal fluids and biological pastes, Calcium’s and antibiotics.

In addition for a promising result, electronic Apex locator is found in our dental office as an essential for determination of the working length in the root canal;

Dental circon for a shining smile;




As a dedicated workers we want to help when there is a missing teeth which might cause you to loose others too;

Often the solution is metal-ceramic crowns and bridges as an assistance for a stable and functional occlusion;

Fully ceramic crowns and bridges made of a translucent material which is attractive to look and blends in well with the rest of your teeth;

Temporary crowns and bridges to insure the protection and function of your teeth during the manufacture of the permanent ones;

Our doctors and denture’s technician work with you to produce partial removable denture, classic and supported by distal abutments, that will be the right look fitting your needs, facial appearance and pronunciation;

Oral Surgery

Extraction of deciduous and permanent teeth;

Extraction of fractured teeth;

Complete cooperation with a high-skilled oral surgeon for a wide range of conditions:

Wisdom tooth extraction, impacted teeth, apicoectomy. Simple steps for better dental health!

Secure your smile with dental implant that supports a missing tooth or teeth.

And from today get yourself to know the variety of our ways to a beautiful smile. It is closer then you can imagine!


Get your natural smile as early as possible

In early age to correct anteroposterior discrepancies of jaws and bites, headgear attached to a facebow is what our children need;

Palatal expander for correcting an overjet;

Maximal benefits of removable appliances according to oral conditions;

For positioning the teeth and future improvement of dental health, ceramic as a fully esthetic, and metal braces are the cure for malocclusions, overbites, cross bites, open bites and deep bites;
Due to the facial musculature becoming flabbier, the declining tissue tone and constant tongue pressure after orthodontic therapy, we ensure the stability of the treatment with retainers;




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